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23 Things Returnal Doesn’t Tell You – Returnal Wiki Guide

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Welcome to the 23 Things Returnal Doesn’t Tell You web page of the official IGN Wiki Guide and Walkthrough for Returnal on PlayStation 5. Returnal is a rogue-lite-like sport set on the mysterious and all the time-altering planet of Atropos. It’s a troublesome sport and can typically go away you scratching your head attempting to determine how this factor works or how that factor works.

We skilled the identical factor and that is okay. Fortunately, we have gathered up a few of the issues Returnal does not inform gamers and answered them within the ideas offered beneath:

23 Things Returnal Doesn’t Tell You

  • Dying is essential — it’s how a lot of the sport’s story is advised and revealed in Returnal.
  • Most items are usually not everlasting — if one thing’s description sounds non-everlasting (will increase integrity by X p.c) or if its merchandise kind sounds non-everlasting (assume “Consumables”), there’s a superb likelihood it’s not everlasting. When you die, you’ll not have it so don’t fret over utilizing it.
  • On that very same be aware, some gadgets are everlasting. If an merchandise’s description sounds everlasting, it most likely is. To make sure that, head to IGN’s Which Items in Returnal Are Permanent? to verify your suspicions. Be positive to take a look at IGN’s Which Items in Returnal Are Not Permanent? to find out about these particular gadgets.
  • Going by home sequences within the sport unlocks particular memento-like gadgets. What the sport doesn’t let you know is that this stuff are literally tremendous useful. For instance, finishing the primary home sequence unlocks the Astronaut Figurine and should you die with this in your stock, you’ll instantly be dropped at life within the actual space you died. Other gadgets embody issues just like the Blown Flashlight, which will increase weapon harm by 10% when at Low or Full Integrity. Search for Artifacts within the sport to study extra.

  • The memento-like gadgets described above which are discovered after finishing the home sequences in Returnal are one-time use solely.
  • Reconstructors are one-time use resurrection factors. If you employ a Reconstructor within the sport, it’s going to seem to be it did nothing. A fast cutscene performs and that’s it. However, when you die, you’ll understand that as a substitute of beginning your subsequent run at your ship, you’ll begin your run on the Reconstructor. This is extraordinarily useful, however it may solely be used as soon as so use it properly. To use it once more, you will have to reactivate it with six Ether.
  • You can not problem the primary boss of Returnal (or enter its room) till you’ve discovered the Anathema Key. Head to IGN’s How to Find the Anathema Key information for extra details about that.
  • You can not open the homes in Returnal with out first discovering the House Key. If you’re like us, we stumbled upon the primary house within the sport with out having discovered the House Key. We tried to enter the home, however couldn’t get in…that’s till we discovered the House Key in a distinct part of the primary biome in Returnal.

  • You want an Atropian Blade to melee enemies. If you’re taking part in the sport and questioning why not one of the buttons are making Selene carry out a melee assault, it’s since you don’t but have the Atropian Blade melee weapon.
  • You want an Atropian Blade to destroy the black-orange vines which are typically blocking your solution to gadgets like Silphium and extra.
  • Resin is the way you restore well being and Silphium is the way you restore Selene’s go well with integrity. These are the inexperienced gadgets unfold all through the sport and so they’re indicated by a well being cross on the minimap.
  • Ether is a collectable useful resource in Returnal and you may carry a most of 30 Ether. You would possibly contemplate hoarding this useful resource, and that’s completely alright to do, however don’t hoard an excessive amount of of them as a result of after 30, you’ll nonetheless be capable of choose Ether up however you gained’t enhance your complete Ether collected. It simply disappears into the…ether (we’re sorry).

  • There is a store and whereas it doesn’t precisely seem like one, it’s there. It’s the half-circle of pillars you’ll come throughout that glow with merchandise holograms if you get near it.
  • There’s a store that is all the time situated within the first biome of Returnal, the Overgrown Ruins. There can be a store that may be present in each subsequent biome.
  • Every time you die, except you’ve used a Reconstructor, you’ll find yourself at your ship again within the Overgrown Ruins, irrespective of how far you’ve made it in your most up-to-date run.
  • You will unlock gadgets that make reaching factors seemingly out of attain attainable so don’t sweat over not with the ability to attain them should you can’t.


  • Datacubes shall be ineffective till you defeat the primary boss in Returnal. You can nonetheless choose them up should you’d like, however don’t count on to make use of them till after defeating the boss within the Overgrown Ruins.
  • Translocators are the sport’s model of Fast Traveling. You can teleport from translocator to translocator, all around the biome you’re in, though you may solely teleport to translocators you’ve been to already.
  • Obolites might be discovered strewn about biomes or by destroying Obolite Chunks, however they may also be discovered in crops or inside the statues which have yellow glowing eyes.
  • Parasites might be discovered strewn about biomes laying round, however they may also be discovered contained in the purple crops discovered all through the sport.

  • Water is unhealthy, as is something that appears like a liquid — you are free to try it out your self, however throwing Selene into water or spooky liquid is just going to get her broken.
  • The pistol you could have at the beginning of each run is definitely automated — simply maintain down L2 (no more than midway in order to not activate its alt-hearth mode) and the pistol will hearth all of its bullets routinely.
For extra tips and tricks about totally different points of Returnal, remember to try IGN’s Tips and Tricks web page and IGN’s Things to Do First web page. If you are caught on one thing particular to a biome, remember to head to IGN’s Returnal Walkthrough and if you end up struggling to defeat a boss, IGN’s (*23*) information has you coated.
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