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Electric cars and electricity fees – Red Deer Advocate

Electric cars and electricity fees – Red Deer Advocate

LtE bug

LtE bug

Letter: Electric cars and electricity fees

This letter is regarding the Red Deer Advocate article Man questions additional expenses on his electricity invoice printed in print on Nov. 10.

I’m simply throwing this statement on the market as I’ve been focused on all these guarantees our prime minister is making to scale back international emissions. He needs to maneuver away from fossil fuels to extra sustainable power sources akin to electricity. Then I learn the article talked about above.

Now, I don’t learn about you however roughly 75 per cent of my electricity expenses now are “fees.” According to the Alberta Utilities Commission’s web site these fees pay for the growth, substitute and upgrading of the distributions system. They inform us it’s pricey to function a system to offer electricity to clients.

We all know that our present energy grid goes down when too many individuals are utilizing “air-con” for instance. I’m guessing our present distribution system received’t help a bunch of electrical cars.

So, what is going to occur as extra and extra individuals purchase electrical cars?

Say we add a number of million electrical cars on the roads in Alberta. Surprise, shock, the electrical distribution system should be massively upgraded. You assume our fees are excessive now? The value to every family month-to-month for the upgraded system (whether or not or not you drive an electrical automotive) can be big.

So sure, inexperienced home gases can be lowered if all of us begin utilizing electrical cars. But we received’t have the ability to afford meals or houses offers the large electricity distribution fees.

Lori Armstrong, Innisfail


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