Home Technology Elon Musk is concerned about dinosaurs. Are you?

Elon Musk is concerned about dinosaurs. Are you?

Elon Musk is concerned about dinosaurs. Are you?
Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is again but once more with one other tweet that may positively make your remaining mind cells somersault. This time the tech mogul expresses nice concern for dinosaurs. Yes, you heard it proper. We are literally speaking about pre-historic creatures. To acquire extra readability relating to the matter, allow us to check out the tweet.

As you possibly can see the tech mogul is in avenger mode for the time being and he is positively not okay with what occurred to dinosaurs. If it was a press release made by any extraordinary particular person, we may have brushed it apart with out thought. But because it’s Elon Musk, that is positively not attainable. Because the person would possibly truly do one thing.

Are We Really Talking About Dinosaurs?

Twitter has positively seen its share of untamed and ridiculous subjects, some with none rhyme or motive. And it’s a recognized undeniable fact that the Tesla CEO is fairly enthusiastic with regards to utilizing Twitter. His tweets border the ridiculous more often than not that it is laborious to discern if he is truly flexing his bizarre streak or utilizing some smart sarcasm to hit the best spot or each. Need some train in your mind cells. Take an Elon Musk tweet and work out its intricacies and nuances. This time, it is the speak about asteroids that bought Musk speaking about dinosaurs. We all understand how the doomsday clock began ticking for these magnificent creatures about whom we all know from historical past books and Jurassic Park motion pictures.

Musk was clearly enraged about the unhappy destiny of the dinosaurs and he appeared fairly impressed by NASA’s tweet that talked about combating again asteroids that pose menace to earth. The dinosaur concept aside, NASA’s Planetary Defense Test Mission is one thing that is truly vital. Musk simply utilized this chance to the entire concept of dinosaurs and activated the “avenging” mode. And as typical, a swarm of reactions and responses adopted.

Also, this is not the primary time the tech mogul is speaking about these pre-historic creatures and lamenting their slightly tragic destiny. Not very way back, Musk had contemplated the potential of how dinosaurs may have saved themselves if they’d spaceships. Again, you heard it proper. Well, the dinosaurs truly working a spaceship is one other query altogether however since creativeness has no bounds, we would as properly faux prefer it is a chance. For now, as a substitute of racking our brains allow us to flip by a number of reactions and responses on Twitter.

Now that is what you name sarcasm at its best.

And for an excellent dose of philosophy


The replies are a spectrum


Is it darkish humor or are you severe?



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