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Elon Musk says Mars colony sets humanity up ‘to become interstellar’

Elon Musk has mentioned that his plan to ascertain a everlasting colony on Mars will ultimately enable humanity to become not simply multi-planetary but additionally interstellar.

The SpaceX boss is at present creating Starship rockets to move individuals and cargo across the Solar System, with the eventual purpose of building a self-sustaining colony on the Red Planet.

He has persistently said that that is the last word purpose of SpaceX, as he believes it’s essentially crucial to make sure humanity’s long-term survival as a species.

The timeline for reaching this has been pushed again a number of occasions, although the earliest inter-planet Starship cargo missions might happen in 2024 or 2026 when the orbits of Earth and Mars line up. It is hoped {that a} fully self-sufficient Mars colony might be set up by round 2050, although Musk is but to talk publicly about what comes after.

In response to a query from considered one of his Twitter followers concerning the Great Filter – a philosophical idea referring to the chance of a species reaching an advanced-enough stage of improvement to discover outer area earlier than going extinct – Musk defined what his hopes have been for humanity as soon as Mars has been colonised.

“If we’re in a position to make life self-sustaining on Mars, we can have handed one of many biggest filters. That then sets us up to become interstellar,” he replied. “Earth is ~4.5B years outdated, however life continues to be not multiplanetary and this can be very unsure how a lot time is left to become so.”

SpaceX is at present getting ready for the primary orbital launch of its Starship rocket, which is able to see it elevate off from Texas and land off the coast of Hawaii early next year.

There have already been a number of high-altitude flight checks of the next-generation rocket, with all however one ending in a fiery explosion.

Once full, the Starship craft and its accompanying booster rocket would be the strongest rocket ever constructed, able to producing greater than twice the thrust of Nasa’s Saturn V rocket used through the Apollo missions.

Starship SN20 includes a smaller craft that sits atop a large rocket booster


SpaceX can also be constructing them to be quickly reusable, which might remodel area journey and permit fleets of them to shuttle between planets.

“In order for all times to become multi-planetary, we’ll want perhaps 1,000 ships, or one thing like that,” Musk mentioned earlier this month throughout an occasion with the US National Academy of Sciences.

“Long time period, it’s important for preserving the sunshine of consciousness. Eventually one thing will occur to Earth, hopefully not quickly, both pure or man-made that may trigger the top of civilisation. The possible lifespan of civilisation is way better if we’re a multi-planet species.”

The actual launch date for the following main Starship take a look at is but to be set, although Musk mentioned he thought it was unlikely to be a whole success, including, “however I believe we’ll make loads of progress.”


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