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Facing up to my Facebook identity crisis

Facing up to my Facebook identity crisis
Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan.

Jo Mckenzie-Mclean/Stuff

Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan.

OPINION: Last week I used to be labelled on Facebook a Communist and a Nazi on the identical day.

Two million useless at Stalingrad would level to the unlikeliness of 1 individual embodying each ideologies, however there you go.

The communist label was the results of my being appointed to the Government working group on Three Waters governance.

I believe the logic behind the remark was the author’s perception that the present Government is Communist and subsequently, if I sit on a gaggle appointed by that Government, I should be Communist too.

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This does miss the purpose, nonetheless, that the aim of the group (inside some tight restrictions discovered within the phrases of reference) is to attempt to discover a governance construction for the 4 Three Waters entities that’s higher than the one proposed by the Government.

Were I a card-carrying, cloth-cap carrying member of the celebration devoted, be that Communist or Labour, why would I be placing the trouble in ,slightly than simply agreeing with what the Government is proposing?

The easy truth of the matter is that I’m not a Communist. I’m a pragmatist.

The Government has made it plain it should push these unpopular reforms by.

As a mayor, I’ve a chance to have a voice on among the essential features of the ultimate final result and it is a chance I’ve taken as I imagine some southern pragmatism will go a good distance within the discussions to come.

And pragmatic we should be, given the Government’s intention.

The scenario will not be a lot totally different to how components of Central Otago discovered itself within the days of the planning of the Clyde Dam.

Back within the early 1980’s, the Muldoon Government determined to construct a excessive dam at Clyde.

For some time, it appeared that the dam can be stopped by the High Court following a profitable attraction by landowners. The Government, nonetheless, overturned this choice by passing the Clutha Development (Clyde Dam) Empowering Act 1982.

I didn’t stay in Central when all this occurred, however I’m advised by those that did that there was some extent the place the forces in opposition realised that the dam was going to be construct come hell or, actually, excessive water.

The discussions then turned to how to make the most effective out of what was going to occur, and components of Central are nonetheless reaping rewards from the end result of these discussions immediately.

I don’t know whether or not my participation within the working group will make any vital distinction to the Three Waters final result, however I’m prepared to put the effort and time into attempting.

And apparently, in accordance to multiple individual, I’m a Nazi for encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Vaccines – our best way of dealing with what’s coming.

Tom Lee/Stuff

Vaccines – our greatest means of coping with what’s coming.

I haven’t met anybody recently who isn’t firmly of the assumption that Covid gained’t be again amongst us earlier than Christmas, particularly now that the Government has signalled Aucklanders might be in a position to journey.

I additionally haven’t met anybody who doesn’t recognise that we will’t keep utilizing massive lockdowns as our major weapon towards an awesome unfold of the sickness.

That leaves having as many individuals as attainable individually protected by vaccines as being our greatest means of coping with what’s coming, both as people or as a neighborhood as a complete.

Like a lot of the south, Central’s vaccination numbers are trying good, with the district sitting at slightly below 85 p.c double-dosed as I write this.

While the “goal” is 90 p.c and we should always attain that within the subsequent couple of weeks based mostly on the only dosed figures, it wants to be remembered that the 90 p.c determine is the ground not the ceiling and the upper the higher will probably be for all of us as soon as the virus will get right here once more.

Tim Cadogan is the Central Otago Mayor.


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