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How to Hide From Lady Dimitrescu – Resident Evil 8 Village Wiki Guide

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Much like Resident Evil 7’s Jack Baker or Mr X within the RE2 Remake, Lady Dimitrescu is an unstoppable power that can hound you all by way of the fort. Thankfully we’ve obtained a number of tips about how to keep away from and escape from the evil giantess and her daughters in Resident Evil Village.

Video Guide – How to Hide From Lady Dimitrescu

After you arrive within the fort and first meet the girl and her daughters, solely one of many three buzzing vampire ladies will chase you thru the rooms across the Main Hall. Unlike Lady D, you gained’t have the option to hear them coming.

The second you discover bugs begin buzzing round you, it’s time to run away, since simply being close to them will slowly drain your well being, and taking pictures them now doesn’t actually have any impact – so don’t waste your ammo!

Luckily they don’t transfer very quick and lose curiosity after you place a room or two behind you. It’s not till you attain Lady Dimitrescu’s chambers above the courtyard that she’ll start to hunt you in earnest.

Unlike Jack Baker or Mr. X, your weapons have just about no impact on Lady D, and gained’t even stun her for a brief interval. Occasionally she’ll pause to shrug off some bullet casings, however it’s finest not to depend on this to gradual her down.


She often pauses for a quick second after extending her claws earlier than performing a lunging swipe assault, however that may deal main harm, so your finest use of that point’s gonna be to duck round a nook or in any other case out of her line of sight. If you may’t get out of the way in which, timing your block would possibly simply be the distinction between life and dying!

Her large measurement is usually a drawback should you take a incorrect flip, so all the time make sure to plan forward by checking your map to plan an escape route – should you get caught on the balconies above the Main Hall or Opera Hall, as an example, it’s exhausting to slide previous her with out taking numerous harm, so be sure she’s nowhere in sight earlier than exploring slim useless finish hallways.

Since working is all the time the most suitable choice, it’s good to know the place to run to should you want a fast breather from her relentless pursuits. Thankfully, there are a number of areas she’s not keen on going to which you could benefit from:

  • the Merchant’s Room the place The Duke resides. It’s an excellent spot to plan your subsequent transfer. Even if she’s nonetheless wandering round close to the Main Hall outdoors, you may take the facet passage close to the Entrance Hall to slip previous her. In a pinch, you too can duck into the Wine Room above the Main Hall.
  • Any rooms main down to the dungeons, so she gained’t enter the Kitchen or the upstairs Dressing Room, and he or she’ll keep out of the Hall of Ablution subsequent to her quarters.
  • Certain masks rooms are additionally locations she’ll keep away from, just like the Hall of Pleasure, and he or she’ll avoid the Library and Hall of Joy – no less than till you’ve claimed the Mask of Joy. After that she’ll haven’t any issues chasing you thru there
  • The Rooftops – areas main to the attic and prime degree are locations Lady D will keep away from. She could use the Hall of Joy, however will all the time cease on the Atelier the place her portrait room is, and gained’t comply with use the Lift to comply with you up.

When she’s not actively pursuing you, the towering vampire often patrols the higher and decrease Main Hall, in addition to the Opera Hall and adjoining rooms, making it tough to keep hidden for lengthy. Her footsteps don’t echo as a lot as Mr X does, however she’s going to very boldly announce herself when she spots you – supplying you with a heads up that it is time to get shifting.

If you’ve obtained her in your tail however actually need to discover a means to hold shifting whereas juking her, the most effective spots are often the corridors across the Main Hall, the stairways across the Opera House, and the vast open Courtyard – however simply make sure to you are taking out any enemies who seem round right here first. Her vast swings go away you with little room to run previous her, however you CAN block a few of her assaults. Even so, it’s higher to take longer facet passages or put a barrier between you and hope her claws can’t attain you.

You must also be cautious of spending an excessive amount of time within the Main Hall, as there’s all the time an opportunity each Lady D and one in every of her daughters will ambush you across the similar time, which is a tag staff you completely need no a part of. Luckily, her daughters by no means journey farther from the Main Hall than the Dining Room – preferring to stick to the west facet of the fort.

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