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How to Save Everyone – Mass Effect 2 Wiki Guide

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The earliest factor you’ll be able to have a tendency to are upgrades to the Normandy. These aren’t initially made obtainable: as a substitute you will want to discuss to a selected squad memeber on the Normandy and ask them about upgrades beneath the Investigate choice.

While there are a complete of seven upgrades to be made to the Normandy, solely three are checked throughout (*2*):

Upgrade Cost Talk to:
Silaris Armor Tech 15,000 Palladium Jacob
Thanix Cannon 15,000 Platinum Garrus
Cyclone Shield Tech 15,000 Palladium Tali

The outcomes of buying these upgrades shall be defined within the closing part.

Squad Mate Loyalty

The different, rather more influential issue is the Loyalty of particular squad members. These are decided by whether or not or not you accomplished their Loyalty Missions within the second half of the sport (besides Zaeed and Kasumi, whose Loyalty Missions can be found as quickly as you recruit them).

Because of this, it’s VITAL that you just full the Loyalty Missions of all of your squad mates earlier than going by way of the Omega-4 Relay (though ideally earlier than grabbing the Reaper IFF, for causes defined afterward this web page). Non-Loyal Squad Mates requested to carry out particular duties are at excessive danger of being killed, or getting any person on their crew killed.


While finishing their Loyalty Mission is sufficient for Jacob, Kasumi, Garrus, Grunt and Morinth, there are seven squad members who might be disloyal to you even for those who accomplished their Loyalty Mission. These are Zaeed, Miranda, Jack, Samara, Thane, Tali and Legion. The following sections clarify how to keep away from these conditions.

Almost all of those are primarily based round Persuasion Checks that open up Charm and Intimidate choices that allow you to resolve the scenario and retain a squad mate’s Loyalty. Because of this, persistently selecting Paragon / Renegade choices and saving these Missions for later will make the next situations go rather more easily.

Zaeed: The Price of Revenge

During Zaeed’s Loyalty Mission, The Price of Revenge, you should have to select between going inside the ability to save the employees or to ignore them and go after Vido. If you select to save the ability, then on the finish of the Mission you will not arrive on the shuttle platform in time, Vido will escape, and Zaeed will get himself trapped beneath some wreckage.

  • Choose the “You introduced this on your self” Charm choice when it exhibits up for Zaeed to nonetheless be Loyal to you.
  • If you decide “You owe me large for this” or “Come on, Zaeed. Let’s go”, the Mission shall be accomplished however Zaeed will NOT be Loyal with you.

If you are Renegade and selected to ignore the manufacturing facility employees to go after Vido, then Zaeed will efficiently kill him and he shall be Loyal to you.

Jack vs Miranda

After you full each Jack and Miranda’s Loyalty Missions, then while you get again on the Normandy they’re going to be in a combat that you could resolve so as to hold their Loyalty. There are a number of methods to do this, however all contain passing a really excessive Persuasion Check. Your first probability is throughout the confrontation itself:

  • Picking both the “This is a distraction” Charm choice or the “This ends now!” Intimidate choice will resolve the scenario and hold their Loyalty.

If you can’t do that, decide both “Back off, Miranda” or “Too dangerous, Jack“, ensuring you do not decide somebody you are attempting to Romance. This will trigger the opposite to get indignant with you, however for those who discuss with them afterwards you’ll be able to open up different choices. These nonetheless require a excessive Persuasion Check, however it will not be as excessive because the one within the unique confrontation.

  • For Miranda, decide both the “Be the higher lady” Charm choice or the “Don’t give me that crap” Intimidate choice.
  • For Jack, decide both the “It was lip service” Charm choice or the “I such as you indignant” Intimidate choice.

If you are in a position to select them, their Loyalty shall be restored, nonetheless for those who had been Romancing them you’re nonetheless locked out of it.

Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi

Samara‘s Loyalty Mission is one that’s in a position to be accomplished without having her Loyalty, however it takes some doing to really do that. Nonetheless, here is how to keep away from it.

The first level is within the nightclub the place you might have to acquire Morinth’s consideration by collaborating in six actions. You want to efficiently go three, so for those who fail 4 of them you will be unable to acquire Morinth’s consideration and lose her perpetually, leading to Samara‘s disloyalty. Here’s what you want to do to go every of the six actions:

  • If you discuss to the human Horftin, you will study that he is an undercover journalist apprehensive about his associate Moirall. Talk to Florit, then decide “Terminal” and “Eternity” in that order. If you utilize the inaccurate order, or decide “Goodbye”, you will fail the exercise.
  • The Turian Meln within the central dance ground is attempting to have Hallia, the Asari dancer, take part in “non-dancing” actions. Pick “Leave her alone” to go. If you decide “Goodbye”, you will fail the exercise.
  • In the central dance ground is an Asari named Waera. Choose the “Let’s dance” Charm choice to go, the rest will fail the exercise.
  • Talk to the bartender Edwin, then decide “I’ll purchase a spherical of drinks”, “Drinks on the home” or “Treat your clients”. Choosing “Nothing, thanks” will fail the exercise.
  • In a nook of the bar is a Krogan named Verf who’s insulting people. Pick the “Let’s step exterior” Intimidate choice to go. Picking “Goodbye” or “They allow you to in” will fail the exercise.
  • A pair of Turians, Vertin and Huck, are discussing mugging folks. Any choice will go the exercise, besides “Goodbye” which is able to fail it.

The second probability to fail the Loyalty Mission is after you go three bar actions and chat with Morinth herself in a sales space. Here you will want to use the information gained when investigating Nef’s bed room.

  • To go, decide “I’m assured” is an effective first begin Either method, you will then want to discuss Music, Art and Travel, and decide issues Morinth is fascinated with primarily based in your findings in Nef’s bed room.
  • To fail, decide “We’re alike” or “I do not know”, then decide “Family” and “Justicars”. Then, decide both Music, Art or Travel, particularly keep away from speaking about something Morinth is fascinated with, then keep away from selecting any Charm / Intimidate choices that may win again her curiosity.

If you fail both of those two segments, Morinth will depart the bar and the mission shall be accomplished, however failed. As a outcome, Samara shall be disloyal with you.

Thane: Sins of the Father

Thane’s Loyalty Mission can also be one that may be accomplished with Thane nonetheless being Disloyal to you. Towards the top of the Mission you will be in some higher catwalks and should hold observe of a Turian known as Talid with a Krogan bodyguard.

  • If you’re able to hold updating Thene on Talid’s location earlier than the every meter runs out, you will efficiently tail him to Talid’s condominium. Any outcome from right here will end in Thane being Loyal to you.
  • If you don’t replace Thane on Talid’s location earlier than the meter runs out, then Kolyat will perform his assassination of Talid and get away earlier than you or Thane can get there.

You can discuss to Thane about how the Mission went even for those who failed, nonetheless this would possibly not alter whether or not he is Loyal to you or not.

Tali: Treason

Tali’s Loyalty Mission is one that can’t be failed, however can have her Disloyal to you anyway. This is definitely fairly easy: it relies upon fully on for those who current the proof of the crimes dedicated by Tali’s father or not.

  • If you decide “I do not want proof”, “You’re losing our time!” or “[Rally the crowd]”, Tali just isn’t exiled and he or she stays Loyal to you.
  • If you decide “We don’t have any proof”, Tali shall be exiled. However, since you did not current the proof of her father’s crimes, she’ll be Loyal to you.
  • If you decide “Yes. Here is the proof”, Tali shall be exiled, and because you offered the proof, she is going to NOT be Loyal to you.

Tali vs Legion

After you full each Tali and Legion‘s Loyalty Missions, they’re going to get right into a combat identical to with Jack and Miranda. As with that confrontation, you will want to resolve this matter so as to retain their Loyalty, however it requires up to two very excessive Persuasion Checks.

  • Picking both the “You’re each proper” Charm choice or the “Knock this crap off” Intimidate choice can have each events happy and retain their Loyalty to you.

If you can’t go this preliminary Persuasion Check, you will want to decide “Back off, Tali” or “Legion, cease transmitting”. If you are Romancing Tali, you will need to decide Legion or else the Romance shall be completely halted. Either method, you might have one final probability to patch issues up and regain their Loyalty.

  • For Tali, decide both the “We want Legion” Charm choice or the “He’s not a pet” Intimidate choice.
  • For Legion, decide “The combat with Tali”, then both the “You’re proper. I’m sorry” Charm choice or the “I lied to her” Intimidate choice.

If you are in a position to select these choices, their Loyalty shall be restored, nonetheless for those who informed Tali to again off then your Romance along with her shall be ceased.

IFF Installation and Crew Theft

The third main factor you are able to do earlier than (*2*) is the set up of the Reaper IFF.

The IFF’s set up shall be introduced as accomplished while you get shut to the Galaxy Map’s ramp, and the period of time it takes relies on what number of Missions and Assignments are remaining for you to do (though please be aware that this will and can range):

  • If you might have 4 or extra Missions and/or Assignments to do, the Reaper IFF shall be put in after finishing 4 of them.
  • If you might have between 1-3 Missions and/or Assignments, the Reaper IFF shall be put in after finishing them.
  • If you might have completed completely every little thing attainable and do not activate Legion, the Reaper IFF shall be put in the second you get shut to the Galaxy Map ramp.
    • Because of this, if you’d like to do Legion’s Loyalty Mission earlier than (*2*), it is best to activate them BEFORE getting wherever close to the the Galaxy Map.
To clarify the final bullet level, the duty of activating Legion just isn’t given its personal Mission, and the countdown is checked while you get shut to the Galaxy Map ramp. Thus for those who do the Reaper IFF Mission with actually no different Missions / Assignments, after which get too shut to the Galaxy Map ramp, EDI will say the IFF set up is full and conclude the countdown, so the following time you utilize the Galaxy Map you’re pressured to do Jokers Jump. You’ll nonetheless have Legion’s Loyalty Mission after Jokers Jump, however finishing it’ll successfully kill half of the Normandy’s crew.

In order to keep away from that, then after finishing the Reaper IFF Mission with no different Missions / Assignments, SAVE FIRST, then method the Elevator by hugging the partitions and staying as far-off from the Galaxy Map ramp as attainable. If you make it to the elevator with out EDI saying the IFF set up is full, you’ll be able to activate Legion, then discuss to them once more to purchase their Loyalty Mission.

If completed accurately, then while you subsequent method the Galaxy Map ramp the countdown will see that you’ve Legion’s Loyalty Mission, and can allow you to full it earlier than doing Joker’s Jump.

Once the Reaper IFF is put in, a brand new Mission will play out that ends in all the crew of the Normandy getting kidnapped. Time is now of the essence: finishing any Missions and / or Assignments will put the crew in danger. You can safely store on the Citadel and Omega, and have a tendency to Research, however in any other case it is best to begin (*2*) as quickly as attainable.

Tali Romance and Legion Dialogue

The Reaper IFF set up course of could be a large drawback for sure gamers nonetheless, as a result of the Mission the place you get the Reaper IFF can also be the place you decide up Legion, who triggers quite a lot of distinctive dialogue for those who carry them to Tali’s recruitment Loyalty Missions.

Because of that, issues can get very tough for those who’re a Paragon Male Shepard, need to carry Legion to Tali’s recruitment and Loyalty Missions, do Legion’s Loyalty Mission, AND efficiently lock in a romance with Tali.

In order to make this attainable, you should do the next:

  1. Make certain you might have two Missions / Assignments left to do, which you will full after the Suicide Mission. We suggest two of the Project Firewalker Side Quests, “Geth Activity” and “Survey Sites Located”, since they’re quick and moderately inconsequential.
  2. After getting the Reaper IFF, discuss to Legion instantly to acquire his Loyalty Mission. You’ll now have three Missions / Assignments in your record.
  3. Do Dossier: Tali on Haestrom. This helps you to carry Legion with you for distinctive dialogue.
  4. After recruiting Tali, discuss to her so as to decide up her Loyalty Mission. Complete it with Legion in your squad for the distinctive dialogue.
  5. Once you’ve got accomplished Tali’s Loyalty Mission, discuss to her to develop the romance.
  6. Now full Legion: A House Divided. Once you are completed, discuss to Tali to develop the romance.
  7. Approach the Galaxy Map and you will find that the Reaper IFF has been accomplished. Once all that is over, undergo the Omega-4 Relay instantly.
  8. Once the Suicide Mission is over, save your sport, then alternate between speaking with Tali and finishing one of many Project Firewalker Side Quests you saved earlier. Finishing every will unlock new dialogue for Tali that allows you to progress the Romance to its completion.

The Suicide Mission

Once you are totally ready, you will be going by way of the Omega-4 Relay as quickly because the crew have been kidnapped with the Normandy upgraded and your squad totally Loyal to you.

That does not imply you are within the clear nonetheless! Follow the directions within the sequence of occasions beneath to make sure you pull off the inconceivable and get everybody out of there alive.

  • Collector Base Approach:
    • Because you acquire the Silaris Armor Tech, Jack will survive the Oculus assault.
    • Thanks to the Cyclone Sheild Tech, no casualties outcome when Joker pushes the barrier’s limits as he goes by way of the particles discipline.
    • Thanks to the Thanix Cannon, no casualties outcome when the Normandy takes on the Collector Ship.
  • The Long Walk:
    • When selecting the Vent Specialist, decide Tali, Kasumi or Legion. Picking Tali can lead to some distinctive dialogue in Mass Effect 3.
    • When selecting the Second Fireteam Leader, decide Garrus, Jacob or Miranda.
    • Since you went by way of the Omega-4 Relay as quickly as attainable, all the crew of the Normandy shall be alive.
    • For the Barrier Specialist, decide Jack or Samara / Morinth. Picking Jack will end in some distinctive dialogue in Mass Effect 3.
    • For the second Fireteam Leader, your choices are once more Garrus, Jacob or Miranda.
    • For the Crew Escort, decide “I’ll have somebody escort you”. Since your crew is totally loyal, you’ll be able to legitimately decide anyone, but when not, Mordin is an effective choice.
  • Endgame Finale:
    • If you plan to destroy the Collector Base, decide Miranda as your first choice within the Squad Select display for some distinctive dialogue.
    • If you need to carry a love curiosity with you on the squad, decide them second on the Squad Select display. If you achieve this, Shepard will save them particularly after killing the ultimate boss, in addition to go to them first within the aftermath.
    • Since Miranda and your different squad mate are loyal, they survive the aftermath with the ultimate boss.
    • Since your remaining squad mates are quite a few and all loyal, they’ll survive holding the road when you’re gone.
    • Since greater than two squad mates survived the mission, so does Shepard on the very finish.

If you are in a position to pull all of this off, congratulations! Everybody survived the Suicide Mission!

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