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Injustice: Gods Among Us Explained – The Video Game That Redefined the DC Universe

There are many various variations of the DC Universe, however few have made as large an influence on the popular culture scene as Injustice: Gods Among Us. The authentic 2013 online game has spawned an empire unto itself, with a sequel, cell video games and stacks upon stacks of companion comics.The Injustice franchise is poised to develop even greater in 2021 because of the information of an Injustice animated movie. If you need assistance making sense of this twisted superhero universe and why Superman is immediately the unhealthy man, we have got the full breakdown. Here are the matters we cowl on this piece:

  • What Is Injustice?
  • The Secret Weapon of the Injustice Universe
  • The Plot of the Injustice Games
  • How the Injustice Comics Fit In
  • Injustice’s DC Influence
  • The Injustice Animated Movie

The Twisted History of DC’s Injustice Universe

What Is Injustice?

The 2013 video game Injustice: Gods Among Us introduces a brand new department of the DC multiverse. This world as soon as resembled the conventional DCU we all know and love, however destiny takes a really darkish activate the day Superman is tricked into murdering his spouse Lois and their unborn youngster. That tragedy pushes the Man of Steel over the edge. His obsession with ridding the world of evil leads him to grow to be a despot. Only this world’s Batman and his underground Insurgency nonetheless oppose Superman’s One Earth Regime. And as soon as it turns into clear no energy on Earth can overthrow a tyrannical Superman, Batman turns to the Justice League of one other Earth for help.

That’s the premise fueling the authentic recreation, however the Injustice saga has solely grown bigger over the years. The plot continues in 2017’s Injustice 2, whereas DC’s Injustice comics flesh out this universe and the occasions main as much as each video games. And now Injustice is even making the bounce to movie, with Warner Bros. confirming an animated Injustice film.

Once it turns into clear no energy on Earth can overthrow a tyrannical Superman, Batman turns to the Justice League of one other Earth for help.

The Secret Weapon of the Injustice Universe

Injustice and its sequel are each preventing video games developed by NetherRealm Studios, the same team responsible for recent Mortal Kombat titles, they usually comply with the MK playbook when it comes to gameplay and presentation. That raises an fascinating query – how do you create a one-on-one fight recreation the place highly effective heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman are on equal footing with peculiar people like Batman and Harley Quinn?

The reply is available in the type of a capsule. In this world, each Superman and Batman’s factions make use of a nanotech capsule derived from Kryptonian DNA. The capsule quickly bestows unimaginable energy, permitting an in any other case peculiar particular person to commerce blows with Superman and preserve tempo with the Flash. One Injustice comedian even exhibits an empowered Alfred Pennyworth beating up Superman. Unfortunately, when Superman has a literal military of tremendous-robust stormtroopers, which means the deck is much more stacked in opposition to Team Batman.

In the Injustice video games, that capsule is mainly a handy MacGuffin designed to justify the varied character face-offs. But the capsule is integral to the plot of the Injustice comics, because it turns into a linchpin of Batman’s early resistance plans.

The Plot of the Injustice Games

The first Injustice recreation takes place 5 years after the authentic tragedy that despatched Superman down his darkish path. Over the course of the recreation, gamers be taught Superman’s downfall was Joker’s doing. The Clown Prince of Crime creates a posh phantasm that tips Superman into murdering a pregnant Lois Lane and setting off a nuclear weapon that destroys Metropolis. A grief-stricken Superman retaliates by doing what Batman by no means may and killing Joker. While few blame Superman for dropping his cool, this act of homicide begins a series response of occasions that culminates with Superman turning into a world dictator. In his quest to stomp out evil by any means obligatory, Superman turns into the biggest risk to world peace.

Injustice is not unlike Marvel’s Civil War in that the world’s heroes are divided down the center over a horrible tragedy. Some, like Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Shazam, lend their assist to Superman’s trigger. Even villains like Black Adam and Sinestro align with Superman, exhibiting a newfound respect for his zero tolerance strategy towards crime. Others, like Black Canary, Batwoman and even Harley Quinn aspect with Batman. In this world, Lex Luthor is Superman’s shut pal fairly than bitter enemy, however Lex in the end reveals himself to be a mole working with Batman. Other heroes are torn between conflicting loyalties, together with each Flash and Shazam.

The first recreation revolves round Batman’s determined, final-ditch plan to topple the Regime by recruiting the Justice League of one other universe. That plan is additional difficult when Joker is by chance introduced into the Injustice universe alongside these heroes. Needless to say, Superman is lower than thrilled to see the man who ruined his life gallivanting round Gotham City once more.The tragedy that destroyed the Justice League.

The tragedy that destroyed the Justice League.

Ultimately, these new recruits show to be simply the added muscle Batman must lastly defeat and overthrow Superman. The recreation ends with the common Justice League (and Joker) returning to their world and Superman being imprisoned inside a cell bathed in energy-dampening purple photo voltaic radiation.

2017’s Injustice 2 picks up 5 years after the occasions of the first recreation, in a time the place Batman and his allies try to rebuild the world. They face a brand new risk from Gorilla Grodd’s supervillain alliance, The Society, solely to be taught Grodd is an agent of Brainiac. Brainiac hijacks Batman’s new surveillance satellite tv for pc Brother Eye and begins shrinking and bottling Earth’s cities for his assortment. Batman has no alternative however to affix forces along with his former Regime enemies (together with Superman himself) to cease this existential risk to humanity.

The sequel additionally closely focuses on new characters like Supergirl (who on this universe lately arrived on Earth and was mentored by Black Adam), Blue Beetle and Doctor Fate. The climax sees a united Batman and Superman defeat Brainiac, however each New Metropolis and Coast City are destroyed when Superman makes an attempt to revive them to full dimension. The recreation ends with the participant making a alternative. Siding with Superman and the Regime ends in Brainiac being killed and Superman returning to his throne. Siding with Batman and the Insurgency (presumably the canonical ending) results in Brainiac’s life being spared and a de-powered Superman being banished into the Phantom Zone.

How the Injustice Comics Fit In

While the essential Injustice storyline is chronicled in the two video games, DC Comics has vastly fleshed out this alternate universe through a series of prequel books. The authentic Injustice comedian is break up into 5 volumes, every of which chronicles one yr of time main as much as the occasions of the authentic recreation. Injustice: Year One exhibits Joker’s plot in opposition to Superman in larger depth after which explores the origins of Superman and Batman’s warring factions of heroes. Later volumes are inclined to concentrate on the function varied DC energy gamers like the Green Lantern Corps, the Greek gods and the supernatural group play in Superman’s rise to energy.

The Injustice comics have earned loads of crucial acclaim on their very own, largely as a result of their extra character-primarily based strategy and their emphasis on fleshing out the many heroes concerned on this battle. Harley Quinn’s gradual redemption is a significant point of interest, as is Black Canary’s function as a figurehead in the Insurgency. The comics vastly broaden upon the motivations of characters like Flash and Green Lantern, and even reveal what tragic occasion led to Damian Wayne selecting Superman’s aspect and rejecting his father.

DC has adopted up the authentic 5-half Injustice comedian with a number of extra sequence. Injustice: Ground Zero is a retelling of the authentic recreation’s plot, however particularly from Harley Quinn’s perspective. Injustice 2 bridges the 5-yr hole between the two video games, each fleshing out the again-story of characters like Supergirl and Blue Beetle and introducing new villains like Ra’s al Ghul. Injustice: Year Zero is ready earlier than the notorious Joker killing and sheds mild on the Justice Society of this universe.

There’s even a crossover comedian known as Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe. Interestingly, this Superman vs. He-Man story is offered as a sequel to Injustice 2, one which follows the “unhealthy” ending the place Superman reclaims his throne.

Most of those Injustice comics are written by both Tom Taylor or Brian Buccellato. Taylor additionally penned DCeased, a sequence which may be considered as a non secular companion to Injustice. While set in a very totally different DC Universe ravaged by a zombie plague, DCeased is a celebration of Superman’s innate goodness, a transparent counterpoint to Injustice’s depiction of a flawed and damaged Man of Steel.

Injustice’s DC Influence

While Injustice is just simply now being tailored as an animated movie, the franchise has had a transparent affect on the bigger DC library lately. Injustice is the most excessive-profile instance of a narrative that includes a morally corrupt model of Superman, a plot level that is grow to be more and more common. Injustice appears to have instantly influenced Zack Snyder’s model of Superman in the DCEU, with the Snyder Cut of Justice League implying Superman is pushed to evil after the dying of Lois Lane. Check out the video beneath for extra on how the Snyder Cut attracts from the Injustice video games:The Injustice universe can also be notable for its visible tackle DC’s heroes, with many buying and selling in the conventional spandex for closely armored, militaristic seems. There are traces of Injustice’s visible fashion in different DC video games and reside-motion diversifications. Even in the Supergirl TV sequence, which options a way more conventional and morally upright model of Superman, the Man of Steel’s costume has parts of the Injustice model, equivalent to the lack of purple trunks and the means the cape connects to the S emblem.

The Injustice Animated Movie

Injustice followers can count on the franchise to make the bounce to animation for its subsequent offshoot. DC and Warner Bros. quietly confirmed an Injustice animated film in May 2021, revealing the Blu-ray launch of Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two will include a teaser trailer for an Injustice movie. Nothing else is understood about the mission at this level, and it stays to be seen if the film is an adaptation of the authentic recreation or a derivative like the comedian books.

Given the regular reputation of the franchise, it appears solely a matter of time earlier than Warner Bros. Interactive broadcasts a 3rd Injustice recreation. Traditionally, the writer and developer NetherRealm have tended to alternate between new Injustice and Mortal Kombat video games, releasing one recreation each two years. But whether or not due to pandemic-associated delays, the launch of recent consoles or different elements, Injustice 3 nonetheless hasn’t been introduced as of 2021.

When Injustice 3 does lastly arrive, we might count on it to construct on the fallout of Injustice 2’s “good” ending, as Team Batman tries to rebuild the world once more following Brainiac’s assault and a brand new risk emerges. (Of course, it is fully doable the sequel will comply with the different ending as an alternative, once more specializing in Superman as a world-dominating tyrant.)

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