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Jolteon – New Pokemon Snap Wiki Guide

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This web page is a part of IGN’s New Pokemon Snap Wiki information and particulars every part it is advisable to learn about discovering and photographing Jolteon, which requires you to unlock an alternate route in Outaway Cave. Also discover ways to get the 4 star pose of Jolteon, and full your Jolteon Photodex web page.

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How to Photograph Jolteon – Courses

You can discover Jolteon in Outaway Cave, and requires taking two alternate routes, and triggering a Legendary Pokemon Encounter. This additionally requires you to have crushed the New Pokemon Snap story!

The first alternate route can be identified to you when you attain Research Level 2, it is within the massive, open cavern with the waterfall, and Noibat will lead you to it. Use the scanner to take it!

The second Outaway Cave alternate route requires Outaway Cave to be Research Level 3, taking the primary alternate route described above, and triggering a Legendary Pokemon encounter.

  1. Take the alternate path to the crystal cave, the place you first noticed Mawile.
  2. Once by means of the tunnel, look straight down as you enter the realm with crystals – there are two Carbink and a Mawile beneath.
  3. Hit these three Pokemon with Illumina orbs, and Diancie will enter from the suitable.
  4. Throw Illumina Orbs on the Diancie so it creates a diamond.
  5. Doing the above methodology causes the offended Mawile up forward to belief you, permitting you to take the route past it. You simply have to scan that space!
  6. Once by means of the pathway, you may emerge right into a lush, tropical space inside a cave. Look down and to the left to see Jolteon hiding within the foliage.

One Star Jolteon Photo


Just about any photograph of frequent habits will rely as a 1-Star Photo.

Two Star Jolteon Photo

Pokemon will typically carry out a 2-Star worthy habits in case you throw a Fluffruit at it or scan it, however there are a number of distinctive 2-Star behaviors every Pokemon can carry out. Experiment to seek out out what you may seize!

Three Star Jolteon Photo

We know of two methods to seize the 3-Star photograph of Jolteon. It will scratch its ear (like within the photograph above) after consuming a Fluffruit. You may also {photograph} it because it jumps out of the comb after tossing Fluffruit at it, although the timing for that’s fairly particular, so burst pictures are really helpful.

How to Photograph a Four Star Jolteon

There are two strategies to get Jolteon to carry out Discharge, the transfer seen within the screenshot above, which is able to rely as a 4-Star photograph. The first methodology includes merely repeatedly hitting Jolteon with Fluffruit.

Joltik Adjoined Request

The second methodology includes luring Joltik to Jolteon – it should then soar on Jolteon, inflicting it to make use of Discharge. You cannot hit Jolteon repeatedly for the Joltik methodology to work. Taking a photograph of Joltik on prime of Jolteon can even full the Joltik Adjoined Request in New Pokemon Snap.

Looking to {photograph} much more Pokemon? Don’t neglect to take a look at our Pokemon (Pokedex) hub page to discover a full record of all Pokemon which are accessible to seek out and {photograph} in New Pokemon Snap.
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