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Museum Stamp Rally – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

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When Does the Stamp Rally Start and How Can You Participate

International Museum Day is a restricted-time occasion, the place your island’s Museum will maintain a Stamp Rally that runs from May 18th to May thirty first. After receiving the information of the occasion from Isabelle throughout the morning announcement, make your manner over to the Museum and communicate with Blathers.

Please notice, the occasion will solely formally be began after you have spoken with Blathers. Should you try to participate within the occasion with out talking with Blathers first, you’ll be unable to gather any stamps from the stations scattered all through the Museum.

How to Find and Get Stamps

For the stamp rally, Blathers duties you with discovering three stamp spot stations within the bug gallery, the fish gallery, the fossil gallery, and the artwork gallery. You should discuss to him as a way to kick off the stamp rally. Once you discover every gallery’s three stamp stations, you’ll be able to return to Blathers for a reward.

Every stamp spot has a reputation. You’ll see them on the playing cards as soon as you discover your first stamp in an space. Interact with the stamp spot, then when the cardboard reveals up, press “A” to gather your stamp. Pressing “B” will shut the cardboard and you will not get your stamp.


The Stamp Rally adjustments each day. However, the prizes don’t change. So when you can full the stamp rally each day, you will simply get duplicate rewards.

All International Museum Day Stamp Station Locations

As talked about above, the situation of every stamp station will randomly change every day, which means there is no such thing as a assure as to the place you will see that every of the three stamp stations which might be required for finishing the Bug, Fish, Fossil, and Art stamp playing cards.

With as much as 11 potential stamp station places throughout every of the 4 galleries, we have now tried to make discovering these stations as straightforward as potential by itemizing each potential location beneath.

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The stamp spots are positioned at random each day and you’ll acquire them in any order. We’ll maintain updating this web page with all stamp spots for every wing of the museum.

Bug Stamp Spot: Sun-Peek Path

This spot is within the first room. If you are taking an instantaneous proper upon coming into the room from the primary entrance then take one other left on the first path, you will discover it! It’s in entrance of the Citrus Long-horned Beetle show.

Upon interacting with stamp spot you will get this message:

“There’s one thing very enjoyable about this house.”

Bug Stamp Spot: Shady Path

This stamp spot is on the trail instantly to the suitable of the bug gallery fundamental entrance.

Upon interacting with this stamp spot you will get this message:

“It looks like the temperature-local weather bugs are enjoyable right here.”

Bug Stamp Spot: Giant Tree

In the again proper nook of the primary room within the bug gallery is a big tree. You’ll discover this stamp spot to the suitable of the tree.

Interact with the stamp spot and also you’ll get this message:

”It appears the bugs collect for tree sap at night time.”

Bug Stamp Spot: Quiet Bench

You’ll discover this stamp spot on the far left aspect of the primary room by the steps subsequent to the doorway to the butterfly room. It’s known as the “Quiet Bench” stamp spot.

Once you strategy it, you will get the next message:

“Sometimes it is good to take a brief breather and loosen up on the bench.”

Bug Stamp Spot: Coconut Corner

This stamp spot is within the very again left nook of the primary room within the bug gallery.

You’ll get this message:

“I guess tropical bugs get to go online and lay out on the seashore on a regular basis.”

Bug Stamp Spot: Butterfly Garden

The location of this stamp spot shouldn’t come as a shock. This is positioned within the butterfly room of the bug gallery.

You’ll get this message for this stamp spot:

”Sitting on a bench at this fountain… is about as elegant because it will get.”

Bug Stamp Spot: Hiding Bugs

This stamp spot is straight in entrance of the three “hiding bugs” shows within the again room of the bug gallery. It’s proper subsequent to the door that results in the butterfly room. This is the “Hiding Bugs” spot.

Once you strategy it, you will get the next message:

Bugs: Masters of disguise!” Now all that is left is The Lab!

Bug Stamp Spot: The Lab

As the stamp spot title suggests, you will discover this stamp spot by the lab space within the again proper nook of the again bug room. It’s on the ramp main into the lab (which is simply previous the underground bugs exhibit.)

Once you strategy it, you will get the next message:

“I guess some groundbreaking analysis goes on right here.”

Bug Stamp Reward

Once you’ve got collected all of the bug stamps, return to Blathers.

He’ll be a bit shocked at your means to make it rapidly by the bug gallery (since, , he hates bugs) and can reward you with a Bug Plaque.

Fish Stamp Spot: Serenity Tank

Upon coming into the fish gallery, go down towards the primary tank (or take an instantaneous proper!). You’ll see the stamp spot simply in entrance of this small tank.

Approaching the stamp spot offers you this message:

“Little guys, simply chillin’ in a little bit tank. Must be good.”

Indeed, it have to be good.

Fish Stamp Spot: The Pond

This spot is within the lowered tank that homes the catfish, koi, and different pond fish within the first room.

You’ll get this message along with your stamp:

“I really feel like these guys are little aquatic athletes. Go, crew!”

Fish Stamp Spot: Headwaters

In the again nook of the primary room by the river fish is that this stamp spot.

You’ll get this response if you strategy the station:

”Different fish reside in numerous elements of the identical river. Wow!”

Fish Stamp Spot: The Coast

This stamp spot is correct by the door that leads from the river and pond room, so it is a exhausting one to overlook!

Upon approaching you will get this message:



Fish Stamp Spot: Coral Reef

In the shallow ocean room, head up the steps to the again. Here you’ll discover the stamp spot with the coral reef fish.

You’ll get this message with the stamp:

“Oooh, a colourful, vibrant, heat sea. I wish to swim right here.”

Fish Stamp Spot: Icy Sea

This spot is within the again nook of the ocean room, simply up the steps and I’m the nook.

Upon approaching you’ll get this message:

”That’s as chilly because it will get!’

Fish Stamp Spot: The Deep

This stamp spot is within the large tank room… proper in entrance of the massive tank!

You’ll get this message when interacting with the stamp spot:

”That is one large ocean!’

Fish Stamp Spot: Abyss

The Abyss stamp spot is, you guessed it, by the spooky deep sea fishtank within the again proper room of the museum. The stamp spot is on the base of the ramp, providing you with the proper view of the massive, historical fish.

Upon approaching the stamp spot you will get this message:

“How far down are we?”

Fish Stamp Reward

With your fish stamp card crammed, head to Blathers in your prize.

He’ll remind you that the fish gallery makes for a chic backdrop for pictures, which is true! Then he’ll offer you that last stamp together with the Fish Plaque.

Fossil Stamp Spot: Mollusks/Arthropods

You’ll spot this stamp spot as quickly as you enter the fossil gallery. It’ll be in your left, proper by the pamphlet stand.

Upon approaching you will get this message:

“No spine. But nonetheless robust, I guess.”

Fossil Stamp Spot: Vertebrates

The Vertebrates stamp spot is on the suitable aspect of the fossil gallery entryway.

You’ll get this message for this stamp spot:

“Now THESE guys have some spine…”

Fossil Stamp Spot: Aquatic Reptiles

This stamp spot can seem on the very entrance of the massive fossil room.

Upon approaching the stamp station you’ll get this message:

”They ought to name this show ‘NOT Dinosaurs, Chapter One.’”

Fossil Stamp Spot: Pterosaurs

This stamp spot can be a straightforward discover. As quickly as you stroll into the second room of the fossil gallery, you will see this stamp spot straight forward.

Upon approaching the stamp spot you will get this message:

“They ought to name this show ‘NOT Dinosaurs, Chapter Two.'”

Fossil Stamp Spot: Extinction Spot

This stamp spot is close to the entrance center of the primary fossil room. It’s proper by the dot that offers you a very good view of the taller fossils.

Upon approaching the stamp spot you will get this message:

“What’s that large orb close to the ceiling? I’m positive it is effective…”


Fossil Stamp Spot: Synapsids

The Synapsids stamp spot is subsequent to the mannequin of the meteor impacting the earth.

You’ll get this response to the stamp spot:

“‘Distant family members of mammals.’ Huh.”

Fossil Stamp Spot: Cenozoic

This stamp spot is within the again room of the fossil exhibit.

Upon approaching you will get this message:

“What are these silhouettes above and behind them?”

Fossil Stamp Reward

Make your option to Blathers along with your completed fossil stamp card in your fossil prize.

Blathers is simply completely satisfied to see you operating across the fossil exhibit. He’ll offer you a Fossil Plaque in your efforts.

Art Stamp Spot: Sculpture Exhibit

The stamp station for the Sculpture Exhibit could be discovered simply barely north of the doorway.

Art Stamp Spot: Baroque Gallery Stamp Spot

Not too far North of the Sculpture Exhibit, climb the 2 set of stairs and you will see that the Baroque Gallery stamp station simply left of the second set of stairs, alongside the wall.

Art Stamp Spot: The West Stamp Spot

Climb the steps simply north of the Sculpture Exhibit station and comply with the trail east till you attain the stamp station within the northeastern nook of the Gallery.

Art Stamp Spot: Art from the East

You will discover the Art from the East stamp station within the southeastern nook of the Gallery. This location can be simply southeast of The West Stamp Spot.

Art Stamp Reward

Once you might have collected all three Art stamps, make your option to Blathers to gather your prize.For all of your work, Blathers will reward you with a Art Plaque, which could be hung inside your own home.

Collecting the three stamps from the fossil, bug, fish, and artwork gallery wings of the museum will earn you a reward for each accomplished card. Blathers offers you the next stamp rally prizes:

  • Fish Plaque
  • Bug Plaque
  • Fossil Plaque
  • Art Plaque

These are the identical design as those you see within the museum. Remember, you’ll be able to participate within the museum stamp rally each day, however you will solely ever get these three as rewards.

The fossil plaque, bug plaque, artwork plaque, and fish plaque all promote for 300 Bells every. You can present them to your villagers, too!

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