Home Technology Tesla Model 3 Performance Buyers Guide: Watch Before Buying

Tesla Model 3 Performance Buyers Guide: Watch Before Buying

Tesla Model 3 Performance Buyers Guide: Watch Before Buying

Buying a automotive, often the second most costly factor after a house, is a crucial choice, which should bear in mind many components.

Taylor Moore has just lately determined to buy a Tesla Model 3 Performance and used the outcomes of his 6-month lengthy analysis to create an excellent consumers information with nice footage.

It’s value watching earlier than the acquisition of any Tesla Model 3 (RWD, Long Range AWD and Performance), in addition to whereas looking for some equipment.

“Whether you’re shopping for a 2021 Tesla Model 3, 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range, 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance, or the 2022 Tesla Model 3, there are a ton of questions I had when buying that had been answered partly on-line, however had been concerns I wanted to seek out by myself. Here are a ton of these items all mixed into one video. If you’re out there for a Tesla Model 3, you’ll must undergo various concerns in selecting to buy, suggestions when buying your Tesla Model 3, Accessories that you simply want to your Tesla Model 3, and final, I’m offering a handful of enjoyable items that I didn’t count on!”

The presentation is so good and detailed that we might like to see an identical factor additionally for different EVs.

The video is split into 4 primary classes with time stamps:

  • (*3*) earlier than buying (from 0:41)
    0:39 2021 Tesla Model 3 (*3*) in Purchasing
    0:42 Tesla Model 3 Travel
    1:21 Do You Own a Garage?
    2:21 Can You Afford it?
    3:01 Tesla Model 3 Climate Effects
    4:01 Tesla Model 3: Performance vs Economics
  • Tips when buying (from 4:57)
    4:58 Tesla Model 3 Tips When Purchasing
    5:02 Tesla EV Credits
    5:30 Tesla Model 3 Choice
    5:55 Tesla Model 3 Don’t Buy Self Driving
    6:47 Tesla Model 3 Black Seats vs White Seats
    7:14 Tesla Model 3 Inspection
  • 10 fanstastic equipment (from 8:43)
    8:46 Tesla Model 3 Accessories You want
    8:54 Martian Wheels MW05 for Tesla Model 3
    10:22 2021 Tesla Model 3 Tesmanian Floor Mats
    11:09 Telsa Model 3 Storage Inserts
    11:46 Tesla Model 3 Cup Holder Insert
    12:06 Tesla Model 3 Screen Protector
    12:28 Best WiFi for Tesla
    13:23 Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad
    13:51 Tesla Model 3 Trunk Hook
    14:02 Dragy
  • Fun surprises (from 14:32)
    14:34 Fun Tesla Surprises I Didn’t Expect
    14:39 Tesla Single Pedal Driving
    15:07 Tesla Standalone LTE Network
    15:41 Tesla Mobile Key Sharing
    16:07 Tesla Model 3 Charging Port Door Opening
    16:27 Tesla Heating and Cooling
    16:50 Tesla Voice Commands
    17:10 Tesla Model 3 Performance Speed
    17:25 Tesla Rainbow Road Mode
    17:43 Tesla Toybox


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