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At final there’s a brand new Guitar Hero sport, solely this one doesn’t require you to mud off the pile of plastic peripherals you’ve lengthy since stashed on a shelf in your storage. A musical voyage of private discovery for its axe-wielding star, Francis Vendetti, The Artful Escape is a narrative-pushed platforming journey that weaves in mild rhythm sport mechanics as you blaze fiery riffs by cosmic rifts throughout the universe and again once more. Inspired intergalactic environments, a charmingly quirky solid, and a few sparklingly grandiose guitarwork propel The Artful Escape into what turns into a genuinely magical thriller tour.

Although it options quite a few beasts from different worlds to confront alongside the way in which, the main villain in The Artful Escape takes the type of a demon that I discovered much more relatable than any evil alien risk; Francis’ personal sense of self doubt. With the shadow of his profitable people singing uncle looming massive over his nascent musical profession, Francis struggles with the stress of making an attempt to be one thing he’s not as he prepares to make his onstage debut at a musical pageant in his hometown of Calypso, Colorado. He isn’t turned on by the humdrum of the standard strum; for him, the very best tonic is a freshly shredded pentatonic. The sense of catharsis is palpable as you ‘press X to shred a sci-fi guitar odyssey’ throughout The Artful Escape’s opening moments and rip some sizzling licks on a hilltop that make the Rocky Mountains rock even tougher.

From there, it felt as if I’d been whisked away into the pleasantly peculiar within a Wes Anderson movie, albeit one with considerably extra aliens. The Artful Escape doesn’t simply function the putting lateral digital camera monitoring pictures and delightfully deadpan line supply from the likes of The Grand Budapest Hotel or The Darjeeling Limited, it additionally encompasses a splendidly offbeat Jason Schwartzman-style character… who simply occurs to be voiced by Jason Schwartzman. It’s his character of Zomm, successfully a floating mind in a jar from outer house, who visits Francis in the course of the night time, equips him with a holographic guitar and matching Tron jumpsuit, and sends him on his first interplanetary steps towards his transformation from awkward espresso store shoegazer to Ziggy Stardust-like musical trailblazer.

[Francis transforms] from awkward espresso store shoegazer to Ziggy Stardust-style musical trailblazer.

Over the course of the following 4-hour rock opera I met an assortment of fantastically flamboyant interstellar beings, from a likeably carefree cosmic entity voiced by Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey, to an extraterrestrial jazz membership proprietor who solely speaks in saxophone. My favorite of all of them was Francis’ musical mentor, Lightman, a cross between Chuck Berry and Doc Brown who’s voiced with actual verve by ‘80s motion star Carl Weathers. The perpetually baffled however at all times endearingly enthused efficiency of Francis himself, voiced by Teen Wolf’s Michael Johnston, served as the right foil to the contrasting eccentricities of every oddball character I encountered.

Six-String Theory

Despite no scarcity of hilarious dialogue choices, Francis isn’t on an intergalactic journey simply to talk, and certainly exterior of a few key hub areas The Artful Escape largely lets his fingers do the speaking. A devoted shred button permits him to solo away as you stroll by every alien world, performing mid-air cut up kicks and triumphant knee-slides with sufficient youthful exuberance to make Angus Young appear positively Angus Ancient. Francis’ ongoing fretboard frenzy is buoyed by shimmering sci-fi synths and driving drum beats that hold The Artful Escape’s soundtrack at a persistent stage of air-punching ‘80s enviornment rock euphoria.

Annapurna Interactive Showcase 2021 Screenshots – The Artful Escape

There’s no actual gameplay benefit to any of this six-string showboating, since you’ll be able to quietly saunter your manner by every easy platforming part should you’d desire and never get penalised, however to take action could be to utterly ignore what makes The Artful Escape so particular; it’s a platformer that emphasises efficiency over precision. Francis’ electrical guitar taking part in actually lights up the world round him, illuminating each neon avenue mild he duckwalks previous and awakening alien fauna that pulse to the music like they’re some form of natural graphic equalizers. Impressive audio trickery signifies that even should you cease taking part in for a second, Francis’ shredding stays completely in sync with the underlying soundtrack whenever you choose it again up, which helps keep a seamlessness to the continuing spectacle.

In The Artful Escape, every new world’s a stage and each stage is a laser-powered mild present.

I discovered myself in a close to-fixed state of bliss, whether or not I used to be taking an on-rails boat journey by a day-glo diorama like some form of widdly-widdly Willy Wonka, or being chased by an airship alongside the highest of a psychedelic cityscape seemingly ripped straight from The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. In The Artful Escape, every new world’s a stage and each stage is a laser-powered mild present, and there wasn’t a single wailing wander that I took by all of it that didn’t make my jaw drop and my face soften as if I’d simply taken a fast gander contained in the Ark of the Covenant.

Space Jam

Admittedly, The Artful Escape’s gameplay isn’t given the identical quantity of growth as Francis’ evolving onstage persona or the ever-altering pyrotechnics round him. Often, it’s a must to take pleasure in name-and-response musical duels with sure characters, turning again-and-forths with large, interdimensional moth monsters right into a sport of Simon Shreds. But these rhythm-based mostly mini-video games, which require the memorisation of sequences constructed round 5 completely different button presses, don’t actually scale in complexity from the opening tutorial to the spectacular last efficiency. Their easy nature definitely retains the entire thing flowing, however whereas The Artful Escape’s dazzling musical showdowns look and sound distinctive, additionally they really feel a bit samey.

But for essentially the most half, I used to be too busy having fun with the sweetly picked notes to begin choosing nits, and I used to be content material to only course alongside the surging waves of boundless hypercoloured creativity with out actually caring concerning the absence of any conventional enhance in problem. At one cease alongside the journey, Francis finds himself in an alien recording studio with a producer named Stargordon, who affords to offer a extra “mountainous” reverb on the guitar monitor. At that time, all of the partitions fall off and the studio is rocket-propelled into the air above an alpine expanse the place each observe you play is accompanied by beams of sunshine blasted out of the mouths of a marching herd of dinosaur skeletons. It’s as breathtaking as it’s completely bonkers, and it was simply one in every of many sequences in The Artful Escape that left me feeling utterly giddy.

That’s along with the various smaller particulars, from the outlets in Calypso which have in-joke names like ‘Plant & Page: Exotic Flora and Books’ to the quantity sliders within the audio menu that every go to 11. The creators of The Artful Escape have a reverence for rock and roll, and it’s evident in nearly each side of the expertise.

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